24 weeks 5 days


Things have been going so smoothly here the last few months. Nothing really to report honestly. The boys have been growing pretty good and have given me no problems until the last few weeks.

At my last appointment at high risk, A was 1 pound 4 ounces and B was 1 pound 1 ounce. Growing pretty good! I mentioned my swelling. Specially when I’m on my feet for work. Told me to mention this to my regular OB and go from there. Good. Okay. Will do. Went to my OB last Monday and mentioned it to her and she said it wasn’t enough to take me out of work and to continue to work until further notice. Good. Okay. Will do.

Yesterday I went to work, to an office about an hour from my house. Was on my feet for 45 minutes waiting for to talk to the doctor and I started to have contractions in my back. (I’ve been having these for the last month) Sat down for a bit and they went away. Talked to the doctor and when I got back into the car I just had this weird feeling. I’m pretty good at reading my body and I knew something was wrong. I got home and went and laid on my left side. Went to the bathroom and I scream for my husband. I was bleeding. And not spotting…..full on bleeding. I yelled for Chris to call the OB/GYN and I went and laid back down. When we were waiting for them to call back, I had to go back to the potty and still full on bleeding. They told us to go straight to labor and delivery.

I got checked in immediately to the high risk OB floor for triage. Once the exam was over (YOWZA that hurt), the ultrasound was done, and blood work, they determined that one of the boy’s placenta was coming detached. The bleeding has pretty much stopped except for the brown stuff (Sorry TMI). I cannot leave until I am 48 hours free of the dried blood. It went away during the night and it has come back. So frustrating. My high risk doctor took me out of work and on bed rest until the boys get here.

They have set up small goals for me to meet. 28 weeks, then 32 weeks and then 34 weeks. If anything happens after that, they will not stop it. I’ve had the steroid shots to strengthen their lungs in case something were to happen here soon. We want these boys to cook as long as possible!

I’ve been in contact with HR with my company and I only have 16 weeks of short term disability. I’m truly blessed for this, but it will only last me until the boys are born (if born at 36 weeks). These leaves my maternity leave unpaid. Which stresses me out! I just pray that things work out and we will be covered. It is time to penny pinch!

Here’s my belly picture of the boys!


19 weeks and 2 days


I haven’t written in a while. Things have been utterly insane around here. Let’s break it down.

1- I failed both the one hour (156) and 3 hour (by 3 points) glucose test, so I’m officially diabetic. I have had to go meet with the nutritionist and the nurse at the diabetic center. Thank goodness its right down the road. Since this meeting, I have to check my blood sugar 4 times a day. Before breakfast when I wake up, after breakfast, after lunch and after dinner. My fingers are still not use to the pricks daily. The thing that baffles me is that my levels have been completely normal. No unusually high numbers. They need to be under 140. My highest was 138 and I was guilty of eating a Krispy Kreme doughnut while at the beach with the girls. GUILTY.

2-We live in a 2 bedroom 1.5 bathroom townhouse. This was my place after I got divorced and it was just me and Connor. It’s not that big (940 sq feet), but was big enough for me and a kiddo. Less the clean! I told myself I was going to stay here until I got married. I moved around a lot with my ex husband and I don’t want Connor to move a lot. I want him to have stability in his life. When the hubby was laid off last May, he moved in with me. And then we got another dog. So now there is 2 adults, 1 eight year old, and 2 dogs. YIKES! And now with two babies on the way, we have to move. Our landlord even told us we had to per our lease. i understand per the fire marshal that only 4 people can live in each unit. We will be a family of 5. Babies are due in March and our lease is up in June. No matter what, we will have to break our lease and the lady down in the leasing office isn’t the nicest on people who break their lease. So we have been searching for a home to buy. We have our approval letter, but the area that we currently live in, is way more than what we can afford. I want to keep Connor in the same school, so it’s been a challenge. Our realtor is a character and doesn’t fit our personality. UGH

3-My job had kept me so extremely busy. Being in pharmaceuticals something is always changing. Almost on a daily basis. The funny thing is that I do not like change in my life. It causes me so much anxiety it’s overwhelming. But the thing that keeps me through it is the nurses and a handful of doctors who make my job so much fun. Home office messed with the number of our offices, and gave us accounts that we have no ability to get in. It’s been an extremely frustrating the last few weeks.

4-I swear I’ve had more doctor’s appointments than I’ve had in a year straight. The high risk OB is always scheduled the same week as my regular OB. I wish they were spaced about for work reasons. Between running around for work and to and from offices it’s been crazy. With all my raging hormones, it has affected my joints…..big time. Especially in my ankles joints. I went to ortho urgent care a few weekends ago and had a steroid shot on my left ankle and it helped more than words can describe. Well today I messed up my right one and he said no to a steroid shot (I have no idea why) and told me tylenol until I deliver and should return back to normal by July next year. JULY OF NEXT YEAR?!?! ARE YOU CRAZY? I’m in tears walking. So I remembered I have some KT tape, and I just wrapped up both ankles and I pray this helps. My feet have started to swell when I drive and on my feet for longer than 20 minutes.

Here are the pictures of E & H from the anatomy scan this past week! It was confirmed (again) that it was two boys.

I also have been feeling both boys move at the same time. Talk about freaky!

Here’s a picture of me at 18 weeks…I haven’t gotten around to take my 19 week photo. Will plan on that tomorrow! At my OB office I am measuring at 26 weeks, which is right on track with being 19 weeks.



Second guessing the gender….


I was at dinner with my girlfriends tonight and I showed these pictures to my best friends and she seems to think that Baby B is a girl. Baby A is obvious. I told her that Baby A had his legs crossed…and only could get the “jewels” and not the actual pee pee like Baby B. You can tell I already have a child with the term pee pee. HA! I heard that girls have 3 lines….so I’m just reaching out for feedback and what your thoughts where. Will have a scan on the 26th to confirm…SO FAR AWAY
15 WEEKS_3 15 WEEKS_6

15 weeks & 4 days


Can I say that I truly believe that time flies by way faster when you’re pregnant than any other time.

I had my second prenatal appointment and everything is great. The babies heartbeats are where they always have been, 159 and 155. She found the heartbeats on the external doplar and I was quite shocked as I am plus size. My due date is March 24th, but they will be delivered either March 3rd or 4th. It will be here before we know it.

I’ve only gain around 10 pounds so far. It would be way less, but potatoes are the only thing that seems to calm my stomach down. I’m still sick. Not everyday sick, but everyday gag at smells and sometimes I’m lucky if I make it to the bathroom. It’s horrible. Going back on diglicis!

Since they did not schedule a 16 week scan and knowing that we had to wait till the end of the month to find out what we were having nearly killed us. So we went to a 3/4d ultrasound shop and found out! image

We are having two boys! The owner was 100% sure baby B is a boy. I was pretty sure baby B was a girl. I was so wrong! She’s about 90% sure baby A is a boy. He had his legs crossed the whole time and refused to move them! Stubborn! So I will be the only gal in my family living witb 4 boys!

This is me at 15 weeks. I read that with twins your uterus measures between 6-8 weeks larger. I feel rather large! image

Ive been feeling these weird movements in my belly and at first I thought it was muscles moving, but it kept happening. Tonight at dinner, I turned to my husband and said I think I can feel them moving. Still not 100% sure, but mostly likely. Time will tell!

One trimester down….two to go


holy crap…..we made it to 12 weeks. Honestly I NEVER thought I would be this far along ever again. The first 12 weeks flew by. The morning sickness is WAY better, crampiness is still the same, I no longer have clear skin, and have lost weight. All have been totally worth it. But just watch out for when I have a mood swing! My poor husband. Kidding.

Went in to the high risk OB on Monday to meet with the genetic counselor. Of course I declined everything. It’s amazing how your view on things can change once you are pregnant. We then had a ultrasound to check the size of the fluid filled sac on the back of their necks. If there’s additional fluid then that can be a red flag. Of course the measurements came back normal.


This is Twin B. We think this a girl. So we are going to refer Twin B as “she”. She is measuring at 12w4d. Right on track. Heartbeat is at 155. She was just a moving in there. Loves her hands!


This is Twin A. We think it’s a boy and will refer Twin A as “he”. He is measuring at 13w3d. Almost a whole week ahead. His heartbeat is at 159. Hasn’t changed since 6 weeks ultrasound. He is very stubborn. Had his back towards us and refused to move. It took her 5 times to get his heart rate as he would jump. It was funny.

Theres something  that has been bothering me here lately. It has a lot to do with the way other people have reacted to my pregnancy. I’ve always thought of myself as a lucky girl. I delivered a healthy baby and 2007 and never thought that I would have fertility struggles. These people I thought were my friends  are now saying hurtful things to me but I’m not gonna let it get me down. Yes I’m having twins but it’s not a death sentence as other people have thought it would be. Yes we have been in shock and that shock has subsided, but I never thought that people would be jealous of me. I have always envied other people. Y’all know that I have had  fertility struggle since 2009.  This time last year we were on fertility treatments through our OB/GYN.  We were hopeful. Boy were we wrong. I never thought that I would have to go down the IVF trail. But now that I’m pregnant with two beautiful babies I wouldn’t go down any other roads in the road that I went down.  It’s been a long journey. I have cried for days over pregnancy announcements through social media. But I never let it get me down.

For my friends you’re going to the same fertility struggles, I know what you’re going through  and I sympathize with you but always know that to journeys are never the same.

12 weeks tomorrow


Nothing really has gone on here lately. Same ol’ same ol’.

Still nauseated. Holy crap the nausea is awful. It can still kiss my grits.

I FINALLY got in with the OB/GYN and had my first visit last week. It was just the normal pap smear first visit. As soon as the PA came in and saw my chart, she was like yes you are high risk (DUH) can you please tell the people who answer the phone that please. The part that was the scariest was when she talked about the genetic testing. I found that I’m high risk because of my age (34), history, and twins. I was like 34? I thought it was 35 and I’m not there yet. But I will be 35 at the time of delivery. I declined the test for down syndrome. No matter if one or both have downs, they are going to be loved. Chris and I had already talked about that. That’s just off the table. PERIOD. I did opt for the genetic testing that involves fatal outcome. Just to know. If they do have this diagnosis, it doesn’t matter. I’m going to let them grow and experience life. God brought them into my life (and a lot of help from science and doctors), and I will love them if they are with us for 5 minutes, 5 hours or 5 years. I never thought of this. I was so excited just to be pregnant. So not this is on my mind. Lovely.

We see the high risk doctor on Monday (9/14) to meet with the genetic counselor and then back to my OB the first week of October. We can find out what we are having next month, but I’m not sure if we are going to find out quite yet. We wanted to go to a 3d/4d ultrasound place to find out (15/16 weeks), but the cost is a bit high. With the fact that I am high risk, we figured that we would have a lot of ultrasounds and will find out that way. But we do plan on going 25-30 weeks to do a profile of their faces.

We have our names picked out for 2 boys and 2 girls. We love each name, that we have no clue what we would pick if it was one boy or one girl.

With being out of the “woods” so to speak tomorrow, I can take a breath of fresh air. I know I’m plus size and I’m really not showing that much. I do have a bump, but I’m sure I’m the only one who can tell. I know I didn’t pop with Connor until I was 6 months.

We went to the mountains with my in laws this past weekend for Chris’ birthday. We were talking about the Marine Corp ball and his mom asked me if we were going. I responded with I’m not sure, just depends on how I feel and if I can find anything. Her response….I hope you’re sitting down…..was well you will be the size of Fat Albert, so I’m not sure if you’ll want to go. ARE YOU F-ING KIDDING ME. I just chuckled like it didn’t bother me, but it killed me inside. I have ALWAYS struggled with my weight thanks to PCOS and I never never ever thought I would have been talked to this way by my mother in law. I am carrying your grandchildren and if you talk to me like that? I just don’t get it. It makes me sad and mad all at the same time.

Okay that’s enough ranting and raving. Will update on what the genetic counselor says on Monday.


One step forward…two steps back


right now it sucks being a normal pregnant lady.

I followed my clinics instructions and called my OB to schedule an appointment. I am high risk with twins and he wanted me to be seen within a week or two. I called and I told them I was at Reach and am pregnant and need to be seen. They will not schedule an appointment until they get my medical records. REALLY?!? I’ve been a patient there for almost 10 years. They don’t care I’m high risk. A week has now past and nothing.

Going to start calling everyday to see if my medical records have been faxed. My OB said they didn’t want to repeat anything. UMMMMM they got my pregnant. You can’t do that. Then they said they need to confirm the pregnancy. ITS BEEN CONFIRMED 4 times. 3 betas and 1 ultrasound. I mean what’s left to confirm?!?!?

Im now pregnant with twins, high risk and under no care. Which freaks me out. What if something happens…I have no one to call.

I need fingers and toes crossed that I can be seen this week.

9 weeks 5 days


I went in yesterday for my second OB appointment at the infertility clinic. It was just an ultrasound to check up on the babies and see how they are growing. Boy they are no where near the blobs they were 2 weeks ago. We got to see them move. They were just a dancing in there. Baby A is measuring at 10 weeks and has a heart rate of 159 and Baby B is measuring at 9 weeks 6 days and heart rate was 189. He said that when they get done being active their heart rate increases.

I end the progesterone in oil tomorrow. ALLELUIA. And slowing wing off the estrogen patches. Chris hit a nerve the other day with the PIO and I thought I was going to die. My leg and bum was on fire. My thigh still itches. They gave me a goodie bag when I left since I am being released. There were 2 onesies that say “worth the wait” on them. It was just perfect. Still surreal, but perfect.


This is baby B. You can see the arms and legs!

8 weeks & 3 days


There’s been nothing much to update ya’ll on. It’s just been a lot of resting, vomiting, and sleeping. Oh and don’t forget those mood swings.

I’ve been really crampy the last week or so. I know this is just normal with having two babies in there instead of one. My uterus is growing like crazy. They are the size of raspberries this week.

I can smell something that is a mile away. We went to our nephew’s 2nd birthday party and all the smells of the food kept me far far away and I hated that. We ended up leaving early. Was feeling okay and as soon as we got home, I fell asleep and slept for a good 3 hours. I wanted Japanese food, just the rice, veggies and the shrimp sauce. Things that are bland in taste, but to me taste amazing. We walked in and it seems like the air wasn’t working right. We were sat right in front of the grill. I tried to cool myself down with ice on my wrist and even went out side. Then my heart palp’s started to flair up and I knew it was time to go home.

They have gotten a lot worse since I’ve been pregnant. And then having 2 is making at lot worse. I even called the on call doctor. I’ve been to my regular doctor and he says they aren’t worrisome and they aren’t harmful. But more annoying and make me feel dizzy and light headed. He can put me on beta blockers to get them to stop, but none of the medications have been tested on pregnant women. My doctor and I decided that we will try to get to week 12 without any medication and then reeval at that time. He wants my body to be drug free as much as possible.

My hubby and I went to a consignment sale this week and stocked up on bottles, a play mat and the flower foam thingy that fits into the tub to wash the babies. I think we are slowly getting over the shock of twins. Still not out of the woods. Still praying that their hearts keep beating. Have another ultrasound a week from tomorrow. I’m going to enjoy seeing these babies. For now I’m calling baby A Grey and baby B Ellis from the show Grey’s Anatomy. We have picked the name Ellis for a boy or a girl so that one is sticking! They hubby can’t go, and it’s the first day of school. Got my dad to pick up C from the first day of school, and my mom is going to go with me to the ultrasound. I’m really excited to have her there. She wasn’t to thrilled when I got pregnant with C (I can’t blame her but that’s another blog). So watching her get excited over these babies after so many losses have been fun.

Will update next week after the ultrasound!

Party of 5



And bc then there 5. Yes you are seeing this correctly. Yes there are 2 in there. We heard both heartbeats. Twin A is at 156 beats per minute and Twin B is at 159 beats per minute.

.We are in shock. I think we were expecting just one and then bam there’s 2 in there. It’s exciting and nervous all at the same time.

I have another ultrasound 2 weeks today and if everything looks good then I’ll be released to go back to my OB.

Stay Tuned for updates!